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CTU Leadership and Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare Discussion

Description Your health care organization has decided to undergo a major restructuring to better align with the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. You have been tasked with developing a managed care organization (MCO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) that will have as its core mission the ethical treatment of patients…
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Walden University Paying by the Rules Discussion

Description Working in the healthcare field often requires many years of schooling, on-the-job training, and hours of professional development to keep licenses current. You have likely spent considerable time and money to get where you are today. Whether you are currently working in a healthcare facility, looking to change to a different one, or applying…
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Saudi Electronic University Information Systems Leaders Discussion

Description Assume you are the information systems leader at a community clinic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that serves patients who are geographically remote. The clinic is planning to implement digital technologies to increase access to healthcare services. Explain and justify which digital technologies that you would recommend to support your patients. Do My…
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