Month: January 2021

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Examine the role of labor relations personnel| Essay Help

 Instructions Create a job description and a 90-day plan of work for a newly hired labor relations specialist.  This job description should outline the job title, education requirements, direct supervisory, primary responsibilities, and duties.  Then, use this job description to create a 90-day plan of work for a newly hired employee.  Highlight goals a new…
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Human resource | HRM552 Organizational Training And Development | University of Phoenix| Essay Help

  Imagine you are the new training manager for a Financial Services organization with 500 employees. As the new training manager, your goal is to calibrate training to be closely aligned with business strategies, core values, culture, ethical practices, and the future direction of the organization. The HR Director has requested you prepare a summary of…
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Writing assignment | Applied Sciences homework help| Essay Help

In at least 250 words, use what you learned from the READ and ATTEND sections and scholarly sources from the library to describe some of the steps a student can take to make sure he or she is submitting his or her best writing. What are some proofreading strategies you have learned about? What resources…
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