Month: April 2021

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Agency and employment law 060447rr

1.Javier gives written authorization to Tamara to sell his house.Javier dies on the October 4. On October 8, Tamara enters into a written contract on behalf of Javier to sell the house to Trudy for $100,000. Before Tamara entered into the contract,she showed the written authorization to Trudy. Javier’s estate isA. liable if the price…
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Discussion: the impact of ethnicity on antidepressant therapy

TO REPLY 1 COMMENT TO EACH POST WITH CITATION AND TWO REFERENCE EACH COMMENT APA ABOVE 2013. POST 1  Three Questions for the Patient  After reviewing the material presented in this case study, there are some concerning questions regarding this patient’s psychiatric history. Additional questions would include: After each discontinuation of medication after an episode…
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Quiz – business & finance

Business Quiz   1. The principle device used by the corporation to force conversion is: a. setting the conversion price above the current market place. b. reducing the amount of interest payments c. buying bonds back at below par value d. a call provision   2.Mirrless Corp. has 10,000 6.25% bonds convertible into 40 shares…
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