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Spanking should be used as a Disciplinary Measure

Spanking should be used as a Disciplinary Measure Spanking is an act of disciplining a child for wrong doing by slapping or striking their buttocks with an aim of causing pain that is temporary. To ensure that spanking is not abused, does not harm children or make the child develop a negative attitude, the following…
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Sales Portals Essay

              SALES PORTALS ESSAY         Name: Institution: Date:       Table of Contents   SECTION A: Sales Portals. 3 Sales Portal 3 Brief Description. 3 Target Audience. 3 Type of business model 3 Payment systems used. 3 Security features of the site. 3 References. 3…
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food supplies

Threats to Global Food Supplies

Food security is a major challenge that is daunting the world today, with food supplies declining each year. Various researchers have tried to come up with various possible threats that may be causing this crisis. For instance, some of the threats include pest resistance to chemicals, climate change, an aging workforce, competition for water, and…
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