Chapter 18 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 18 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 18 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

14. Global
sourcing is a standard procedure for half of U.S. firms with sales over $10
True False

15. Firms
increasingly are using indirect procurement systems to ensure that all the
costs associated with foreign sourcing are fully recognized when they make
purchasing decisions.
True False

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Chapter 18 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
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16. To
achieve effective implementation, E-procurement systems must be isolated from
the company’s overall business system.
True False

17. To
avoid an increase in price because the home currency has lost value, an
American importer should require exporters to quote in their currency.
True False

18. Although
international firms maintain manufacturing facilities in countries at various
levels of development, manufacturing systems should not vary significantly
within the same company.
True False

19. American
engineers taught the Japanese that technology can be used to analyze what the
system is doing and to get it under control to produce quality products.
True False

20. W.
Edwards Deming taught thousands of American industrial engineers how to use
statistics in manufacturing.
True False

21. Japanese
manufacturers realized that because of the limited size of the country’s
economy, they would have to export to grow.
True False

22. To
be competitive in world markets, Japanese managers knew they would have to
provide high-quality products at low prices.
True False

23. For
just-in-time to be successful, manufacturers have to have the cooperation of
their suppliers.
True False

24. Total
quality management is a company-wide management approach to ensure quantity
products throughout the organization.
True False

25. Many
U.S. manufacturers copied parts of the just-in-time system without realizing it
is a total system.
True False

26. Just-in-time
is restricted to operations that produce the same parts repeatedly because it
is a balanced system.
True False



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