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food supplies

Threats to Global Food Supplies

Food security is a major challenge that is daunting the world today, with food supplies declining each year. Various researchers have tried to come up with various possible threats that may be causing this crisis. For instance, some of the threats include pest resistance to chemicals, climate change, an aging workforce, competition for water, and…
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Vocational Training

Vocational Training Benefits

Vocational Training Benefits Recidivism is a major problem in the United States. Reports show that 61 percent of inmates go back to prison after three years. The author of this article believes the little vocational training the inmates receive is the cause of revolving door. It has led to increased costs in these state prisons.…
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When Johnny comes marching home – Veterans of World War I

When Johnny comes marching home – Veterans of World War I The veterans received a harsh treatment when they returned home. Although the government had organized welcome parades for them, it did not recognize their achievements. Furthermore, the government did not put into place measures to ensure the veterans returned to their previous job upon…
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