The issue I have taken is about ADF i.e. Australian Defence Force

The issue I have taken is about ADF i.e. Australian Defence Force

The issue I have taken is about ADF i.e. Australian Defence Force

Case: The issue I
have taken is about ADF i.e. Australian Defence Force. The problem with the
organization is that even after trying all the possible measures, the company
is failing to keep the employees retained. Employee retention has become a
problem for them.Human
Resource management is considered as an integrative process to nurture people
so as to develop and harness their skills as well as competencies and integrate
them with the goals and objectives of the ADF. It is important for the ADF to
focus on the effective utilization of the Human Resource as it helps the ADF to
attain its set goals and objectives.
The ADF should also focus on initiating different programs to
encourage their employees. The structure of the ADF should be decentralized or
flat and the ADF should focus on developing a family-friendly and fun
environment to work, apart from this the ADF should also focus on takes
measures to encourage and motivate their employees in every day working.
Training provides the
opportunity for learning, and development is the result of learning. “Training
departments” and “management training” are now called Human Resource
Development (HRD) departments and Management Development, respectively. The
change in terminology reflects the change from a focus on the process
(training) to a focus on the outcome (development).
Career Development
The ADF should focus and aim in building the career path of the
employee and the development of the overall personality of the employee. The ADF
should focus on leveraging the employees’ talents for new and different roles,
as well as giving them as much exposure as possible to other positions and
responsibilities in the ADF to ensure they’re challenged.
The ADF should also focus on Douglas
McGregor’s Theory Y in
assuming that workers will do what is best for the organization when the
opportunity arises. The employee should view their work as being natural as the
ADF has tried to make the organization a fun place to work in. so the employee
enjoy working here and have positive attitude towards the job assigned to them.
Compensation benefits and reward
The organization should also focus on improving the compensation
and benefit structure which will help in improving the performance of the organization.

With the increasing competition, different companies are focusing
on providing added benefits to the employees along with a higher pay scale. To
improve on the satisfaction level of the employees the ADF needs to focus on
the pay structure and focus on providing fair pay to all the employees.
The pay scales of the employees in the organization as the
employees tend to compare their pay scales to their peer group and similar job.

The compensation pay scale needs to base on the flexibility that
needs to be made for different employee groups, individual employees and among
elements of employee relationship. The ADF will focus on adopting flexible
policy with a high focus on lead, by adopting flexible policy the ADF will be
able to attract and retain high quality employees of the industry. This will
also help in motivating the employees to work upon their performance; this will
also help in minimizing the employee dissatisfaction in respect to the pay that
they are paid by the ADF.
With the adoption of flexible pay policy the ADF will be able to
takeoff on cafeteria style benefit which will focus on fulfilling the
individual needs of the consumers.
The ADF will focus on keeping the base pat high so that the basic
needs of the employees are met easily. The ADF needs to review its reward
system which will include the basic wage that is paid to the employees,
different benefits like 401Kbenefits, dependent care account, pre tax health
contributions. The ADF will also focus on building a social integrated
organization which will be built on friendly work environment. The employees in
the ADF will be given base pay, across the board pay which will focus on add on
over the base pay, merit pay which will be based on the performance of an
individual employee, this will be highly based on their performance. Along with
these reward systems the human resource department of the organization will
focus on annual pay rise to the employees, stock grants, health care benefits,
and profit sharing options.
Internal equity evaluation and
While designing the compensation strategy it is very important for
an organization to balance between internal equity and external
competitiveness. As the compensation that an employee receives is perceived to
be equitable in relation to its peer group as well as other organization
particularly of the same industry.
These methods will help in improving the efficiency of the
employees as well as focus on equity or fairness.

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