Trident University International HealthCare Policy Essay

Trident University International HealthCare Policy Essay


Two Different Assignments: Health policymaking happens at all levels of government and on a wide variety of topics. The private sector also plays a considerable role in the process. This assignment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of how policymaking happens in government and the roles of various entities as well as the numerous stakeholders.

Assignment 1: After Reading back ground material , please address the following questions:

Compare and contrast policymaking at the federal, state, and local levels. How are they similar? How are they different?

What is the role of the private sector in policymaking?

  • Identify the various stakeholders in health policymaking. Why is it important to seek input from all involved?
  • Assignment 2: 
  • Explain the difference between regulatory health policies and allocative health policies.

What are determinants of health? How are they related to the determinants of health policy?

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