UMGC Health & Medical Essay

UMGC Health & Medical Essay


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UMGC Health & Medical Essay
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Scenario: Cross, Bazron, Dennis and Isaacs (1989) defined cultural competence as “a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together as a system, that system, agency or those professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations”. Cultural Competency is vital to the sustainability of a healthcare organization and its capability to provide high-quality healthcare to the community it serves. Cultural competency consists of a blend of ethics, values, morals, healthcare organization’s mission and commitment hat all employees, patients and visitors shall be treated equally.

A new community health center has opened in your county offering basic healthcare services, preventative care and education to migrant workers, illegal residents, and recent immigrants. To ensure the health center promotes and establishes a culturally competent environment, as the health center’s chief privacy and compliance officer (CPCO), you have been tasked to develop a cultural competency training toolkit.

Deliverables: The final product to be submitted is robust cultural competency training toolkit for the department- and organization-wide use. Your final submission must include the following. Submit as Microsoft Word document along with an accompanying Microsoft PPT presentation by the end of Week Five but no later than Tuesday, by 11:59 PM EST. This is an individual assignment.

  • A 1-2 page proposal for language assistance as an effort to offer additional pay for bilingual employees willing to serve as a designated language interpreter
    • Process identifying language interpreters
    • Determine supplemental pay
    • Schedule of interpreters (be sure schedule does not interfere with regular work schedule)
    • Process to locate identified interpreters when needed
  • Design an actual twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes virtual training session for departmental and organizational use on Cultural Competency (the intent is future mandatory automated training)
    • Presentation can include clip art, links to additional sources
    • Must include recorded audio of each presentation slide
    • Topics must include cultural competency discussion on employees and patient care and aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the organization; define and discuss cultural competency; compare and contrast cultural competency and diversity, ethics, health disparities; impact on decision making; and measures to establish and maintain a culturally competent organization and environment.
  • Using Microsoft Excel, Word or a survey software, design a tool for attendees to assess the cultural competency training
    • Identify a list of cultural competency related domains and accompanying knowledge, skills, and abilities for attendees to measure the effectiveness of the virtual training session
    • Integrate data analytics to assess, evaluate and/or recommend local state and federal cultural competence (and/or related) regulatory compliance measures.

References & Resources:

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