When Johnny comes marching home – Veterans of World War I

When Johnny comes marching home – Veterans of World War I

When Johnny comes marching home – Veterans of World War I

The veterans received a harsh treatment when they returned home. Although the government had organized welcome parades for them, it did not recognize their achievements. Furthermore, the government did not put into place measures to ensure the veterans returned to their previous job upon returning home. Life became difficult for them as they had to line at the special employment offices looking for work. In contrast, their counterparts who had stayed commanded remarkable wages.

In addition, the government did not give them war bonuses as they used to give the veterans of earlier wars. War bonuses could have helped the veterans to sustain themselves in their new life, and help them meet their bills. The government did not want to incur the war bonus expense that they had been incurring in the past. After a heated debate in congress on 1924, the administration agreed to pay them the war bonuses. However, the government delayed payment until 1945.

After the war, the veterans faced various problems. Their old jobs had been taken over by other members of the society such as the women, and blacks. They had to start afresh looking for work. Moreover, they faced astounding price rises. They could barely afford basic things such as food, clothing, and home furnishing since the prices had nearly doubled. Besides, they did not receive war bonuses that could have helped them to meet their bills.

In addition, some of the veterans could not return to their daily routines since they have suffered fatal injuries. The anguish and disenchantment faced by some veterans caused them to succumb to death. Besides, others spent the rest of their life sick and lonely on hospital beds. Besides, some of the political veterans such as Herbert Hoover received heavy criticism from the people.

The veterans deserved to be treated with dignity. Therefore, the government should have organized for the veterans jobs for them to do. Moreover, the government should have given the veterans of World War I war bonuses, as it was the case before. The bonuses could have helped them to sustain themselves amid the inflation of commodities. Besides, those injured during the war could have received good health care and the full costs covered by the insurance. Consequently, their families should have received support from the government, more so the families of the veterans who are bedridden due to the war. Moreover, it was the duty of the government to give appropriate recognition of the veterans for their selfless service.

There are some few similarities between the veterans of World War I and those of the recent wars. In both cases, all the veterans are disappointed about the war and often face anguish due to its aftermath. Consequently, the government does not appropriately recognize the veterans’ efforts. In addition, the families of the veterans are not given support by the government. Moreover, they all received war bonuses from the government. However, the veterans in World War I, received the bonuses after several years. Ultimately, in both instances the insurance companies do not cover the full amount of the health costs incurred by the veterans as promised.

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