Workout Structure for Whole Body Case Study

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Workout Structure for Whole Body Case Study


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Workout Structure for Whole Body Case Study
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Brandon is a 20 y old healthy college student who has been a
non-competitive runner since his freshman year in high school. As a
runner, he stretches regularly but has no experience with resistance
training. He has hired you to help him improve his whole-body muscular
strength and endurance. He wants to train at the park near his home
since he loves exercising outdoors and has no desire to go to a gym. He
would like you to work with him twice per week for 30 minutes per
session, at least in the beginning.

Answer the following:

1. How will you structure his 30 minute, twice per week sessions, including warm up and cool down?

2. What equipment will you use, if any?

3. What specific exercises will you include in the workout and why?

4. How will you gauge his intensity?

5. How many sets and repetitions of each exercise will he perform and in what order?

6. How will you progress him, given that you are not in a gym with full equipment available?

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